Workplace Coaching and Mentoring

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What is the primary objective of coaching according to the text?

To inspire and motivate team members performing okay

How is coaching differentiated from mentoring in the text?

Coaching inspires and motivates average performers, while mentoring guides top performers in career decisions

What is the main difference between coaching and feedback?

Coaching aims to inspire and motivate, while feedback is about telling, not asking

What is the counseling role primarily used for according to the text?

Confronting and correcting below standard performance

What is the essence of good coaching according to the text?

Raising awareness and responsibility

In coaching, what does responsibility entail?

Accepting, choosing, or taking responsibility for thoughts and actions

What is encompassed by awareness in the coaching context?

Gathering relevant facts and information, and understanding psychology

What is crucial for high performance according to the text?

Feeling truly responsible through choice

What is essential for effective coaching to work?

Having a trusting and collaborative relationship between coach and employee

What is the skill of a good coach according to the text?

Raising and sustaining awareness at the appropriate level

What is the purpose of asking for permission before giving feedback?

To create a sense of control for the recipient

Why is delivering positive feedback considered more than just a thank you email or a good job statement?

Because it involves identifying and acknowledging specific actions or behaviors

In the given scenario, what is Aziz's advice to Sherif regarding the CEO's email?

To change the way the email is written for a positive impact on employees

Why does starting with a friendly request help in delivering developmental feedback?

To make the recipient feel they have a choice in receiving feedback

What does the CART technique for giving positive feedback stand for?

Character, Action, Result, Teamwork

How can non-communicators be described in the context of receiving feedback?

They often have preconceived notions about the person delivering the feedback

What is the purpose of using coaching wheels in the coaching process?

To help individuals understand their current state and where they want to be

What is the significance of the COO sending the second email two days later for feedback purposes?

To assess the impact of timing on employee morale

What is the main purpose of the CART technique for giving positive feedback?

To provide personalized and specific positive feedback

In coaching relationships, what is the primary role of goal setting conversations?

To determine where individuals want to get to and facilitate progress

This quiz explores the role of a workplace coach and the benefits of employees coming up with their own solutions. It also discusses the difference between coaching and mentoring in a professional setting.

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