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Harness the power of AI with our flexible, user-friendly platform, designed to transform learning content into a multitude of assessment formats


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An all-in-one platform to create and distribute quizzes, test and exams in minutes. Save time without compromising on quality.

Turn any text into a quiz
Quizgecko intelligently generates questions from any text you provide. Just paste in your text.
Shareable quizzes & tests
Share your quiz with colleagues, friends, or students in a breeze!
Multiple question types
Generate multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank and short answer questions from any text.
Webpage to quiz
Enter the link for any webpage and Quizgecko will generate questions from the text on the page.
Youtube video to quiz
Enter the link for any Youtube video and Quizgecko will generate questions from the transcript.
File to quiz
Turn any PDF, Word, or Google Doc into a quiz. Available on premium plans.
Multiple languages
Create quizzes in any language. Quizgecko even seamlessly translates from one language to another.
Integrate Quizgecko into your own app or website. Available on premium plans.
AI powered marking
Quizgecko uses AI to mark your short answer questions. It even offers feedback and learning tips.
Huge text input
Add up to 30000 characters of text in a single input.
Fully Editable
Generated quizzes are fully editable. Change the order, remove, edit and add questions manually.
Export & Embed
Export your quiz as a CSV or Aiken format text file, ready to import into your LMS. Embed quizzes in your own website.
Reports & Stats
View detailed reports including individual sessions, score distribution, and more. Collect emails from quiz participants and export them as a CSV file.
AI Image Generation
Add beautiful illustrations and images to your quizzes, using AI to generate copyright free art in seconds.

Introducing Quizgecko

Quizgecko is revolutionizing the world of quiz and test creation by harnessing the power of AI, transforming text into questions, grounded in the latest learning science.

Whether it's multiple choice, true/false, short answer, or fill-in-the-blank style questions, our focus is on generating top-tier multiple choice questions, a format renowned in educational research for reinforcing and accurately assessing student understanding. But, we know that crafting these questions can be a hefty task for educators, hence why Quizgecko's AI steps in to streamline the process, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on creating meaningful questions.

With Quizgecko's AI-powered quiz generator, the process is simple. Our algorithms are trained to generate plausible distractors, avoid overly complex language or grammar, and keep the difficulty level challenging yet manageable, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation of learning.

After the quiz creation, we offer robust quiz reporting and analytics, allowing you to track progress, identify areas of improvement, and tailor your teaching accordingly.

We also make sharing your quizzes effortless. Whether you need to embed a quiz into your website or share it directly with learners, our share and embed feature has you covered.

At Quizgecko, we recognize that the fusion of learning science and AI is an ever-evolving landscape. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge, refining our tools based on the latest research, and continually improving our services to empower educators with efficient, high-quality quiz-making tools.

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