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How often are workplace inspections conducted in a year?

4 times

Who is responsible for ensuring workplace safety?

All employees share responsibility

How many fire extinguishers are installed inside the North and South work areas?


How many panic alarms are installed in the North and South offices, respectively?


How do slap locks work on the interview room doors?

Slap up to lock

What does the term 'PPE' stand for in the context of workplace safety?

Personal Protective Equipment

What should you do if you notice a hazard in the workplace?

Report it to your supervisor or manager

What is the best way to deal with a hazard to ensure others are not put at risk?

Remove it immediately

How can workers best contribute to a positive safety culture in the workplace?

Report unsafe conditions after an accident has occurred

Study Notes

Test your knowledge of workplace safety and security protocols, including inspections, fire extinguishers, panic alarms, and door security features. How well do you know your office's safety measures?

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