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Our educator plans include AI-powered quiz and study generation tools that help improve your teaching materials.

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Educator Basic

$ /month

- billed at $/year Billed monthly

Ideal for teachers looking to create quizzes from text.

  • Generate study materials
  • All filters
  • 20,000 character input
  • No file upload
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Educator Premium

$ /month

- billed at $/year Billed monthly

Ideal for generating quizzes at a higher volume, featuring file upload support and email capture to share quizzes and gather insights on individual student performance.

  • Generate study materials
  • All filters
  • 25,000 character input (+5k)
  • Basic chat support
  • File upload (20 per month)
  • Capture student emails (150 per month)
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School Licenses

Get discounted licenses for all the teachers in your school or university.

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As a classroom teacher, Quizgecko has saved me hours of planning time to create questions from content. The AI gives me numerous questions to choose from. Which I then hand select for the most valuable ones that match my curriculum for my students.

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Fred Bland

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our product. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us: [email protected].

I'm not a educator, can I purchase a educator plan?
No. These plans are for educators only, working at schools or universities. A valid educator email and/or ID may be required. If you a business, please refer to our Business plans.
Do you offer a free version?
Yes, we offer a limited free version, designed for trialing out the product. You can access it here.
Can I share my login?
No, each account is tied to a single email address. Sharing your account is a violation of our terms of service and will result in your account being suspended.
What's email capture?
Email capture is a feature that allows you to collect email addresses from students taking your quiz. This is helpful for tracking individual performance, providing personalized feedback, and maintaining communication with students throughout their learning journey.
What's file upload?
File upload allows you to upload educational materials such as PDFs, DOCx, and other file types to generate quizzes. If you need to upload more files than the Premium plan allows, you can view our business plans.
Is there a limit on the number of quizzes I can create?
No, you can create as many quizzes as you like. Quizzes can have as many questions as you wish. The maximum you can generate from a single piece of text is currently 12 though.
How much usage is included?
Teacher plans are designed for fair, individual usage. To prevent abuse, a fair usage policy applies. Access to AI generation can be reduced depending on your usage and you may be asked to upgrade plan.
Do you have an API?
Yes, we offfer an API for developers to programatically generate quizzes and study materials. The API is only available in our business plans however.
Do you offer refunds?
In short, no. AI models are expensive to run and we offer a limited free version for you to try the product without any commitment. For this reason, we will only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances.