Fair Usage Policy

If you sign up for an unlimited plan, there are no limits on the number of quizzes you can create each month. However, we may throttle and limit accounts with unusually high usage to prevent abuse. This is an automated process. If you think that we have taken this action by mistake, please get in touch with us and we can remove the restriction.

In order to prevent our systems from becoming overwhelmed by bots, all accounts on all plans are rate limited on a minute by minute and hourly basis. This applies to the API as well. Since a quiz typically takes around 30-60 seconds to generate, most users are very unlikely to hit this limit. If you do, simply wait a minute and try again.

It is against our terms of service to share your email and password or to resell access to your account. Any violation of these rules may result in immediate cancellation without a refund.

We are committed to making Quizgecko sustainable while providing the best possible service to our users. We will continue to monitor usage and adjust our policies as necessary to ensure that Quizgecko remains accessible and affordable to all users.