Stress Management: Understanding Stress and Perception

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What is stress?

Mental or emotional strain experienced by a person

What is a stressor?

Anything that causes stress

What are some examples of stressors for teens?

Peer pressure and family problems

Which stage of the body's response to stress is known as 'fight or flight'?


What is the main idea behind stressors activating the nervous system and specific hormones?

It prepares the body for survival

Which of the following is NOT considered a stressor for teens?

Healthy eating habits

What are some examples of stressors for teens related to environment?

Media, TV, and social media

Which bodily change is NOT listed as a stressor for teens?

'Fight or flight' response

What is the second stage of the body's response to stress?


What is the impact of stressors on personal behavior?

Increases likelihood of relationship issues and substance abuse

Which of the following is not considered a cognitive stressor for teens?

Healthy eating habits

Under what category do 'war' and 'global warming' fall as stressors for teens?


What is the purpose of the 'Relaxing Breath' exercise?

To relax the mind and body

Which breathing exercise aims to increase energy and alertness?

Stimulating Breath

What does the 'Box Breathing' exercise involve?

Breathing in 4 seconds, holding 4, exhale 4, hold 4

What is the main benefit of the 'Listening to Your Breath' exercise?

Relaxes the mind/body

'Cyclic Sighing' involves a double inhale through the nose followed by what kind of exhale?

Exhale through the mouth

What bodily response is associated with increased heart rate due to stress?

Rapid or irregular heartbeat

What symptom is associated with muscle tightness as a physical response to stress?

Tightness, headache, neck and shoulder pain

'Cyclic Sighing' has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and induce a state of calm relaxation. What is this practice primarily based on?

'Relaxing Breath'

'Bodily Prioritizing' during stress leads to which symptom?

Urinating and defecating

This quiz discusses what stress is and how it can be perceived as either positive or negative. It covers stressors for teens, including life situations, school demands, and problems with friends. The quiz aims to help individuals understand and manage their mental and emotional strain in challenging circumstances.

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