Effects of TNF Inhibitors in RA and IBD

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Which route of administration is typically required for anti-TNF biologics?


Which enzyme in the liver is responsible for metabolizing many biologics including anti-TNF agents?

Cytochromes P450

Which of the following diseases is NOT mentioned as being impacted by TNF-α?

Multiple Sclerosis

What is the mechanism of action of Infliximab in neutralizing TNF-α?

Binding to membrane-bound TNF trimer

Which anti-TNF biologic has a portion of its structure derived from a mouse?


What is the frequency of dosing for anti-TNF biologics compared to small molecule drugs?

Less frequent

What adverse effect is associated with TNFα inhibitors?

Reactivation of latent tuberculosis

Which statement about anti-B lymphocyte biologics is true?

Rituximab blocks B cell activation

Which biologic is derived from various types of immune cells and elevated in many inflammatory diseases?

IL-12/23 biologics

What is a common feature of anti-integrin biologics?

They inhibit leukocyte extravasation

What is a distinguishing characteristic of anti-cytokine biologics such as Ustekinumab?

They block the p40 subunit of IL-12/23

What is a key advantage of monoclonal antibodies?

Most side effects are intrinsic to the action of the drug at its target

Which is a false statement regarding anti-TNF biologics?

These drugs have limited efficacy in treating chronic inflammatory diseases

Which type of proteins are big targets for monoclonal antibodies in immune-mediated diseases and oncology?

Cell surface proteins

What is a significant disadvantage of monoclonal antibodies?

Parenteral administration

How are monoclonal antibodies eliminated from the body?

Receptor-mediated endocytosis and intracellular catabolism by lysosomal degradation

Why can monoclonal antibodies induce anti-drug immune responses?

Because they are recognized as self-proteins by the immune system

What is the significance of immunogenicity in relation to monoclonal antibodies?

Immunogenicity can lead to faster drug clearance and reduced efficacy

Learn about the effects of TNF inhibitors on TNF-producing cells, apoptosis, immunogenicity, and the effectiveness of Etanercept in rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Discover the adverse effects associated with TNF inhibitors like reactivation of latent tuberculosis and increased risk of opportunistic infections.

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