Germinal Centre Reaction and CD40L:CD40 Interaction in Immunobiology

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What is the main function of centrocytes in the germinal center?

Compete for antigen binding strength

Which chemokine is produced by stromal cells in the dark zone of the germinal center?


What is the role of follicular dendritic cells (FDCs) in the germinal center?

Retain centrocytes

Which cell type is mainly responsible for antigen capture in B cells?


What facilitates the activation of B cells in response to protein antigens?

CD4 T cells

What occurs in the dark zone of the germinal center?

Centroblast rapid division

What is the main function of TFH cells in the immune response?

Facilitate B cell activation

Which marker is used for identifying proliferating cells in a germinal center?


'Somatic hypermutation' primarily occurs in which area of the germinal center?

'Dark zone'

What is the role of CXCR5 in relation to germinal centers?

Attract and retain centrocytes

Test your knowledge on the Germinal Centre reaction and the CD40L:CD40 interaction in immunobiology. Topics include the role of TNF family cytokines BAFF and APRIL, Bcl2 family members, helper T cell activation, B cell proliferation, and antibody synthesis.

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