TNFα Inhibitors: Effects and Adverse Reactions Quiz

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Which of the following is NOT an advantage of monoclonal antibodies?

Low cost

What is the primary method of absorption of monoclonal antibodies?

Intravenous injection

How are monoclonal antibodies eliminated from the body?

Receptor-mediated endocytosis

Which factor can lead to faster drug clearance and lower levels of monoclonal antibodies in the body?

Immunogenicity and immune response induction

Why are monoclonal antibodies considered as foreign proteins in the body?

They are recognized as foreign by the recipient's immune system

Which of the following is a disadvantage of monoclonal antibodies?

Risk of infusion reactions

Which of the following statements about TNF inhibitors is TRUE?

They have to be administered parenterally

What is a common feature of anti-TNF biologics like Infliximab, Golimumab, and Adalimumab?

Contain human Fc region

Which of the following is a potential adverse effect associated with anti-cytokine biologics like Infliximab?

Increased risk of infections

Which type of biologic targets B lymphocytes directly?

Anti-B lymphocyte biologics

What distinguishes anti-integrin biologics from other biologics mentioned in the text?

Target integrins instead of cytokines or B lymphocytes

Why must TNF inhibitors like Infliximab be dosed less frequently than small molecule drugs?

Complexity in production and binding specificity

Which adverse effect is associated with TNFα inhibitors?

Reactivation of latent tuberculosis

Which statement about anti-TNF biologics is false?

Patients should not be screened for latent tuberculosis before starting any anti-TNF drug

Which biologic targets the p40 subunit to inhibit IL-12/23?


Which disease is NOT commonly treated with anti-B lymphocyte biologics?

Systemic lupus erythematosus

Which chronic inflammatory disease is effectively treated with anti-integrin biologics?

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

What is a common class effect associated with TNFα inhibitors?

Injection and infusion reactions

Test your knowledge on the effects and adverse reactions of TNFα inhibitors, particularly Etanercept. Learn about their impact on TNFα production, immunogenicity, apoptosis, and effectiveness in treating RA but not IBD. Explore the adverse effects such as reactivation of latent tuberculosis, increased risk of infections, and emergence of multiple sclerosis.

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