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Why are value-creation processes often spread out geographically?

Because of the requirement for different resources

What does a value-creation chain refer to?

The subdivision of individual sub-activities within a process

Why must a value-creation process based on a division of labor be organized?

To bring together a system of enterprises and organizations

How can a value-creation system be understood?

As those entities with which the enterprise has direct or indirect connections

What is the reflexive design of value creation according to the text?

Creating productive relationships in business ecosystems

Which factor primarily influences the division of a value-creation chain between organizations?

Transaction costs and organization costs

What is the purpose of Fayol’s management cycle?

Organizing enterprises and value-creation chains

What does the term 'environment' encompass, according to the text?

Natural, social, economic, and technological environments

Why is it important for an enterprise to be legitimized and considered attractive by all stakeholders?

To ensure continuing support from investors

Test your knowledge of business processes, marketing concepts, value creation, and the St Gallen Management Model with this quiz. Explore the importance of goods in satisfying consumer needs and the value-creation chain.

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