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What are the main characteristics of first-world countries?

Which of the following is a significant cultural heritage site in a first-world country?

What is a common attraction for tourists in first-world countries?

Which term was used to describe countries that were not aligned with either the capitalist First World or the communist Second World during the Cold War?

What is one of the main challenges facing third world countries?

What is a common type of tourism destination that focuses on experiencing the history, traditions, arts, and heritage of a particular place?

Which country is known for pioneering technological advancements in the tourism sector?

Which country is NOT a first-world country?

Which of the following nations has relatively poor living standards and a high mortality rate?

What factors can influence tourist arrival statistics?

According to Alfred Sauvy's categorization, what characterizes the First World countries?

Which region is NOT included in the Tourist arrival statistics mentioned in the text?

In which year did Alfred Sauvy write the article 'Three Worlds, One Planet'?

Which countries were included in the Second World category by Alfred Sauvy?

What type of countries are geographically located in the Third World according to Alfred Sauvy?

What percentage of global trade did the tourism industry account for in 2019?

Which sector does tourism represent in terms of global export?

What is the major source of income for many developing countries?

Which industry is the tourism industry compared to in terms of its size of contribution towards GDP?

What is the position of tourism in terms of global trade category, after fuels and chemicals?

Which category does the tourism industry fall under in terms of its size of contribution towards GDP?

What percentage of the global GDP did the travel and tourism industry account for in 2020?

In which year did the total contribution of travel and tourism to the global GDP rise by 21.7 percent over the previous year?

What was the total contribution of travel and tourism to the global GDP in 2021?

What does GDP stand for?

What caused a sharp decline in the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide in 2020?

Which region reported the highest volume of inbound travelers in 2021?

What is considered an important indicator of the economic strength of a country?

Who assists destinations in their sustainable positioning in national and international markets?

Which organization is dedicated to tourism?

'Particularly developing countries stand to benefit from sustainable tourism' - Which organization advocates for this statement?


Test your knowledge about the world tourism industry, economy, and tourist arrival statistics. Explore the influence of global events, economic conditions, travel restrictions, and natural disasters on tourist arrivals from different regions.

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