Vaccines: History of Vaccination and Smallpox Eradication

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Which type of disease is not affected by herd immunity?


What is a reason for the inability to develop effective vaccines for HIV?

Lack of natural immunity to HIV

Which type of immunity is provided by giving antibodies from an exposed donor specific to an infectious agent?

Passive immunity

Which virus causes certain cancers like cervical, anal, penile, and head and neck cancers?

HPV virus

What kind of vaccine is Gardasil, which is effective against HPV?

Protein subunit vaccine

What event led to Dr. Andrew Wakefield being struck off the register by the UK General Medical Council?

Conducting scientific misconduct related to MMR vaccine and autism

What is the significance of milkmaids seldom getting smallpox?

Their exposure to cowpox provided cross-protection against smallpox.

What was the outcome of the last reported case of Smallpox at the University of Birmingham in 1978?

The patient contracted smallpox and died shortly after.

Which type of vaccine is produced using recombinant DNA techniques for rapid and reliable attenuation?

Live attenuated vaccines

What is the role of an adjuvant in a vaccine?

Boosts innate immune activity to enhance adaptive immunity.

How does herd immunity protect against diseases in a community?

By indirect protection from a sufficient number of immune individuals.

What is one significant outcome of the last reported case of Smallpox at the University of Birmingham in 1978?

Improvements in laboratory handling of dangerous pathogens.

Explore the history of vaccination with a focus on Jenner and smallpox, as well as the eradication of smallpox. Learn about the significance of cowpox, the last reported case of smallpox at the University of Birmingham, and the impact of vaccines on public health.

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