Vaccination: History and Process

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What did Oswald T.Avery, Colin M. MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty demonstrate in their research?

The genetic material carried by DNA during transformation

Who provided evidence supporting the 'one gene, one polypeptide hypothesis'?

Beadle and Edward L.Tatum

Which kingdom do organisms like bacteria belong to?


What major discovery resulted from new findings in microbiology during the 1970s?

Development of recombinant DNA technology

What distinguishes prokaryotic cells from eukaryotic cells?

Lacking a true nucleus

What is the primary concern of microbiologists according to the text?

Viruses and members of the first three kingdoms

What is the primary purpose of vaccination according to the text?

To inoculate healthy individuals with weakened microorganisms to provide protection from disease

What did Pasteur and Roux discover when incubating cultures of chicken cholera bacteria for longer than normal?

The bacteria became attenuated and could no longer cause disease

What did Pasteur and Chamberland develop in addition to the attenuated anthrax vaccine?

An attenuated rabies vaccine

What important discovery did Sergei Winogradsky make about soil bacteria?

They could oxidize iron, sulfur, and ammonia to obtain energy

What significant contribution did Martinus Beijerinck make to the study of microorganisms?

He isolated aerobic nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria

What important early discovery is attributed to George W. in the text?

No important early discoveries are attributed to George W. in the text

Explore the history and process of vaccination, including how inoculation with weakened microorganisms provides active immunity. Learn about the work of Pasteur and Roux in developing attenuated vaccines.

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