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Who coined the word 'vaccine'?

Louis Pasteur

What method was developed to prevent spoilage of beverages and milk during long-distance shipping?


Who formulated the bacteriological techniques and staining methods during the Golden Age of Microbiology?

Robert Koch

Which scientist discovered the mycobacterium and vibrio cholera?

Robert Koch

What is the significance of Koch's Postulates in microbiology?

To determine if a bacterium is associated with a disease

Who used chemical disinfectants to prevent surgical wound infections based on Pasteur's work?

Joseph Lister

Which scientist played a key role in preventing surgical wound infections?

Joseph Lister

Test your knowledge on key historical figures, discoveries, and techniques in the field of microbiology. Topics include the development of vaccines, fermentation, pasteurization, and the contributions of scientists like Robert Koch. Explore the fascinating world of microbiology through this quiz!

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