Understanding Realism in International Relations

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What is one of the primary assumptions of realism according to the text?

A legitimate central authority stands above the state.

Which concept is at the core of realist thought based on the text?


What is a key aspect of liberalism as described in the text?

Anarchy drives states to cooperate.

What is one of the key components of the identity perspective based on the text?

Linking causes to ideas and their impact on international relations.

According to realism, what makes it very difficult for states to trust each other?

The security dilemma where one state's quest for security causes insecurity in others.

In realist thought, what is a precondition for obtaining the goal of power and security?

Survival in an anarchic world.

Test your knowledge on the concept of realism in international relations, including assumptions and essential components. Learn about the importance of states, national power, sovereignty, and central authority in realist thought.

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