Uncommon Parasites in Dogs and Cats

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What is the intermediate host for Spirocerca lupi?

Dung beetle

What is the prepatent period for Spirocerca lupi?

33-35 days

How is Strongyloides stercoralis transmitted in the host?

Through ingestion of larvae

Which technique may be useful for diagnosing infections with Aelurostrongylus abstrusus?

Baermann technique using vomitus

How is Eucoleus aerophila commonly confused in diagnosis?

Trichuris sp.

What is the main route of infection for Eucoleus (Capillaria) aerophilia?

Through ingestion of earthworms

Where do the adult Stomach worms (Physaloptera rara) attach with their mouth parts?

Gastric mucosa

How is a diagnosis typically made for Stomach worms (Physaloptera rara)?

Larvated eggs fecal flotation

What is the intermediate host for Stomach worms (Physaloptera rara)?


Which common name is associated with Spirocerca lupi?

Esophageal worm

What pathology can Esophageal worms (Spirocerca lupi) predispose the host to?

Malignant tumors

How can the adult Esophageal worms (Spirocerca lupi) be treated?

Pyrantel Pamoate

Stomach worm Genus species

Physaloptera rara

Genus species of esophageal worm

Spirocerca lupi

Genus species of feline stomach worm

Ollulanus tricuspis

Genus species of the nematode of the GI tract

Strongyloides stercoralis

Genus species of the lung parasite of the cat

Aelurostrongylus abstrusus

Genus species of the nematode of the respiratory tract

Eucoleus (Capillaria) aerophilia

Genus species of the canine lung parasite

Both A and B

Genus species of the eye worm

Thelazia californiensis

How is Physaloptera rara (stomach worm) acquired

All of the above

What is the pathology of Physaloptera rara (stomach worm)

Both A and B

How is Spirocerca lupi (esophageal worm) diagnosed

Eggs in feces in patent infections

How is Ollulanus tricuspis (feline stomach worm) transmitted

Ingestion of larvae from infected host (like another cat)

Ollulanus tricuspis (feline stomach worm) how long can the larva live in vomitus

Up to 12 days

What is the pathology of Ollulanus tricuspis (feline stomach worm)

All of the above

How is Ollulanus tricuspis (feline stomach worm) diagnosed

All of the above

How is Ollulanus tricuspis (feline stomach worm) treated


Strongyloides stercoralis is free living which means that ____________

Parasitic males do not exist

Strongyloides stercoralis is diagnosed via direct smear


Strongyloides stercoralis has a zoonotic potential


How is Aelurostrongylus abstrusus diagnosed

All of the above

What is the identifying characteristic of the Aelurostrongylus abstrusus larvae

S shaped bend at the dorsal spine

How does infection of Aelurostrongylus abstrusus occur

Both A and B

What is the clinical sign of Aelurostrongylus abstrusus

Both A and B

Where is Eucoleus (Capillaria) aerophilia found

Both A and B

How is Eucoleus (Capillaria) aerophilia identified

Eggs in fecal flotation

What is Eucoleus (Capillaria) aerophilia often confused with

Trichuris spp

What is the factor that sets Eucoleus (Capillaria) aerophilia apart from Tricuris

All of the above

What is the lifecycle of Filaroides hirthi and osleri


Where are Filaroides hirthi and osleri commonly transmitted at


How are Filaroides hirthi and osleri detected`

All of the above

What is a distinctive characteristic of Filaroides osleri

Distinct kink at the end of tail

What is the importance of Thelazia californiensis (eyeworm)

All of the above

How is Thelazia californiensis (eyeworm) diagnosed

Both B and C

Explore various uncommon parasites found in dogs and cats, including details on where adults live, how a diagnosis is made, intermediate hosts, and the pathology. Learn about the stomach worm (Spiruroidea), specifically Physaloptera rara, which infrequently causes gastric mucosal erosion and gastritis.

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