Types of Speciation: Allopatric and Peripatric

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What is the dominant mode of speciation?

Allopatric speciation

In which type of speciation does isolation at the periphery take place?

Peripatric speciation

In which type of speciation do new species evolve from a single ancestral species while inhabiting the same geographic region?

Sympatric speciation

What changes may lead to sympatric speciation in a subset of a population?

Changes in habitat choice and food preferences

How many pairs of shrimp species are separated by the Isthmus of Panama due to allopatric speciation?

15 pairs

What caused some Hawthorn maggot flies to lay eggs and mate on apples?

Introduction of apples in North America

What does parapatric speciation refer to?

Speciation between neighboring populations with reduced gene flow

What is a characteristic of parapatric speciation?

Reduced gene flow between neighboring populations

In the context of parapatric speciation, what is the dispersal method?

Birds dispersing between two isolated habitats

What is the range contraction method associated with in parapatric speciation?

Population decline caused by isolated individuals

What is characteristic of adaptive speciation?

Diversification of adapted species from a common ancestor

Is it possible for two different species to have reproductive offspring according to adaptive speciation?

Yes, it is possible through hybridization and genetic mixing

Learn about the two main types of speciation: Allopatric speciation, which occurs when populations are separated by a geographical barrier, and Peripatric speciation, which takes place in a large population when members at the periphery get separated from the main group. Explore examples of these types of speciation in snapping shrimp and other organisms.

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