Training Needs Analysis and Performance Assessment

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What is the purpose of the competency model mentioned in the text?

To consolidate an overview of the competencies needed for a job

What is the first step in performance analysis according to the text?

Verifying performance deficiency and comparing actual performance to expected performance

What type of problems are associated with 'can't-do' problems as mentioned in the text?

Inadequate training and skills to do the job

What is included in designing the training program according to the text?

Planning the overall training program including training objectives

What does the OJT Training Method involve as described in the text?

Implementing coaching or understudy by an experienced worker or supervisor

What is task analysis in the context of training needs?

A detailed study of the job to determine specific skills required

What is performance analysis primarily focused on?

Verifying performance deficiencies and determining corrective actions

How does strategic training needs differ from current training needs?

Strategic training is focused on future jobs/succession planning, while current training aims to improve current performance

What is the goal of talent management in the context of training needs?

Goal-oriented and integrated process of planning for, recruiting, selecting, developing, and compensating employees

How do employers use competency models in the context of training needs?

To help compile and summarize job's training needs

Learn about task analysis to assess new employees' training needs and performance analysis to evaluate current employees' training requirements. Understand the process of identifying performance deficiencies and determining suitable corrective measures.

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