Teen Stress Coping Mechanisms

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What did the new study suggest about teens and stress coping?

The new study suggested that teens may cope with stress better when they're around peers, rather than adults.

According to the study, why do adolescents rely more on their peers than adults?

Adolescents begin to rely less and less upon the adults in their lives and more heavily on their peers for their development and sense of belonging.

What did the researchers from Australia’s Murdoch and Griffith universities find about teens and coping with stress after a bad event?

The researchers found that teens cope better emotionally when they’re with peers rather than with adults in the immediate aftermath of a stressful event.

How did the researchers collect data for the study?

The researchers collected data from 108 boys and girls ages 13 to 16, who attend a socioeconomically disadvantaged school in Western Australia, by having the teens complete online surveys sent to their smartphones five times a day for seven days.

What did the teens rate in the surveys and how did they respond?

The teens rated their recent experiences between 1 (“Sort of bad”) and 5 (“Very bad”) and offered a brief description of it in the surveys.

According to the study, what additional stressors did the participants report experiencing?

facing racism, recovering from a fight, living in one home while siblings live in another, being responsible for getting younger siblings to school, and working night shifts to earn extra income.

Did the study find any difference in the emotional benefits of being with friends between in-person and online interactions?

No, the study found that whether they were with friends in-person or online didn't seem to matter.

What did the study find about the emotional effects of being with friends immediately following a stressful event?

Teens reported lower levels of sadness, jealousy, and worry, and higher levels of happiness when with friends.

Which gender seemed to benefit more from being with friends (vs. family) after a stressor, according to the study?

Girls seemed to benefit more from being with friends after a stressor, as their interactions often entail talking with one another.

In what ways did the study speculate that peers help youth navigate the 'ups and downs' of daily life?

The study speculated that peers help youth through social support and distraction.

Discover the impact of peers on teens' stress coping mechanisms with this quiz. Explore how adolescents rely less on adults and more on their peers, and why this can be beneficial for their development and sense of belonging.

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