Survey Points and Global Positioning System (GPS)

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What is a method to make temporary survey points visible in a valley?

How can cairns or tall flagged poles be surveyed for accurate location?

What precision can be expected while using a basic GPS unit on the ground?

Why is it important to note the precision of a location obtained using GPS?

How has the science of photogrammetry evolved in map-making over time?

What has replaced the traditional complex graphical methods in air photography?

What is the recommended angle for back-bearings to intersect the fence or other linear feature for the best results?

When is compass resection typically used?

Which of the following is NOT a feature suggested for taking compass bearings during compass resection?

What should be done if the triangle formed by intersecting bearings during compass resection is less than 1 mm across?

Why is it suggested to choose landmarks for compass resection that result in intersecting back-bearings between 60° and 90°?

What should be done if after checking bearings and plotting, there is still a triangle formed during compass resection?

What is the purpose of adjusting a mirror compass for the grid magnetic angle?

How accurately should a geologist be able to pinpoint their location on a map according to the text?

What method can be used to fix a point on a British 1:10 000 map, according to the text?

What is the purpose of temporary cairns mentioned in the text?

On maps of poorer quality, what additional effort might be required by a geologist according to the text?

What does the term 'resecting' mean in the context of location finding on maps?


Learn about the use of temporary survey points in valleys and the application of Global Positioning System (GPS) for accurate positioning. Discover how to utilize cairns or tall flagged poles for surveying purposes.

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