Stages of Psychosocial Development in Psychology

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Which psychological approach relates human behavior to electrical and chemical activities in the brain and central nervous system?

Neuro-Biological Theory

Who discovered Operant Conditioning, a form of learning that involves associations between behaviors and their consequences?

B.F. Skinner

In classical conditioning, who discovered the association between an environmental stimulus and a naturally occurring stimulus?

Ivan Pavlov

Which form of psychological treatment has been shown to be effective for a range of problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol, and drug abuse?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What type of association does Operant Conditioning focus on?

Between behaviors and their consequences

Which branch of psychology attempts to relate human behavior to electrical and chemical activities in the brain?


Which therapy introduced by Albert Ellis helps individuals identify irrational beliefs and negative thought patterns?


In Operant Conditioning, which term represents the process of weakening a response by removing a pleasant stimulus?


Which psychological approach, introduced by Martin Seligman, focuses on studying human strengths instead of weaknesses?

Positive Psychology

Which theory, proposed by Jean Piaget, focuses on the cognitive development stages from infancy to old adulthood?

Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

Which therapeutic approach allows the client to consciously decide for themselves what is wrong and what should be done about it?

Client-Centered Therapy

Which technique is used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to investigate and modify negative thought patterns and behaviors?


What type of therapy is associated with the Neuro-Biological Theory?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Which type of conditioning is primarily linked to the concept of rewards and punishments?

Behavior Modification

In behavioral terms, what does operant conditioning primarily focus on?

Rewards and punishments to modify behavior

Which theory emphasizes the role of cognitive processes in behavior change?

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

What aspect of psychology is most closely related to Classical Conditioning?

Human Psychological Development

Which therapy focuses on changing irrational beliefs to improve emotional well-being?

Rational-Emotive Behavioral Theory

Explore the various stages of psychosocial development in psychology, which is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Learn about the different branches of psychology such as clinical, cognitive, developmental, neuropsychology, humanistic, and industrial/organizational.

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