Psychosocial Development and Personal Responsibility

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Which statement best describes Erik Erikson's psychosocial theory?

Erik Erikson's theory includes childhood, transition, and adulthood as the three psychosocial stages.

Which need is considered the primary need of a person according to the text?


What is the correct word/words to replace the underlined ones to make the statement true? Every person must be responsible for his own action and his co-creatures.

His or her own actions and their co-creatures

What is the term used to describe a person's full potential and realizing that potential in adulthood?


What are the three psychosocial stages of Erik Erikson's theory according to the text?

Childhood, transition, and adulthood

Test your knowledge on psychosocial development and personal responsibility with this modified true or false quiz. Can you identify the correct words to make the statements true? Explore topics such as Erik Erikson's theory and physiological needs.

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