Specializations in Criminology: Criminal Law, Crime Theories, Victimology

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What is the purpose of criminologists?

Which field in criminology covers the definition of crime, criminal behavior, and rules and regulations on punishment of criminals?

What does the study of victimology in criminology focus on?

During which phase of criminology did scholars 1st distinguish crime from sin with explanations of criminal behavior that were not theological?

What do crime theories in criminology focus on?

What distinguishes Phase 3 of the history of criminology from Phase 2?

Which discipline may be applied in the study of the causes of crime according to the text?

What is the primary focus of Sociological Criminology?

What is the focus of Psychological Criminology?

What is the main focus of Psychiatric Criminology according to the text?


Test your knowledge on the fields of specialisation in criminology, as outlined by Bezuidenhout and Little in 2011. This quiz covers topics such as criminal law, crime theories, victimology, and criminal and deviant behaviour systems.

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