Criminology Theories and their Application in the Criminal Justice System Quiz

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What is the importance of a theory being falsifiable?

It ensures that the theory can be tested and potentially proven false

What is the significance of a theory having predictive value?

It assists in the development of effective crime prevention programs and sanctions

What are the five common areas that help to gain a better understanding of a particular theory?

Background, key premises, responsibility of actions, policy implications, and evaluation

What is the role of a theorist's social and intellectual environment in the development of theory?

It may influence the development of theory

Which of the following is a challenge faced by the social and behavioral sciences in studying human behavior?

The youth of the field

What is the role of preferences created by previous experience in the process of systematic observations?

They are widely acknowledged

What does the concept of validity refer to in scientific research?

The presence of bias and chance errors

What do structure theories in criminology focus on?

The way society is organized and how it influences behavior

Which of the following is a criterion for evaluating a theory's comprehensiveness?

Explaining crime committed by the wealthy, the poor, and the middle class

What is the main purpose of a theory on crime, according to the text?

To explain why people commit crime

What is the significance of empirical evidence in the evaluation of a theory, according to the text?

It supports the plausibility of a theory

How can theory affect governmental policy and the criminal justice system, according to the text?

It can bring about change in policy and the justice system

What is the main difference between a psychologically oriented theorist and a sociologically oriented theorist, in terms of their explanation for crime?

Psychologically oriented theorists focus on intrapsychic conditions, while sociologically oriented theorists focus on the individual's environment

What is the main preventive strategy advocated by theorists who adopt a psychological approach to crime?

Psychotherapy and treatment for individual offenders

What is the ideal approach to explaining criminal behavior?

Taking into consideration all three dimensions

What is the most important consideration when studying crime, according to the text?

The lack of success in dealing with the matter of responsibility for actions

According to Maguire and Radosh, what are the four components that reflect the ideal characteristics of a 'good' theory?

Plausibility, evidence of validity, falsifiability, predictability

What are the three distinctive viewpoints that have historically shaped criminological theories?

Biological, psychological, sociological

What is the main difference between conflict and consensus theories?

Conflict theories view human behavior as shaped by interpersonal conflict, while consensus theories are founded in the belief that the majority of citizens share common ideals and work together towards a common good.

What is a theory in criminology?

A set of logically interconnected propositions explaining how observed facts within a domain of interest are related and from which a number of hypotheses can be derived and tested.

What is the main difference between classical and positivist theories?

Classical theories focus on the pathology of criminal behaviour, while positivist theories focus on the individual offender.

What is the difference between structure and process theories?

Structure theories focus on the way in which society is organized, while process theories focus on how people become offenders.

What is the main focus of consensus theories?

The agreement of individuals in society about what is right and wrong.

What is the purpose of forensic criminologists in pre-sentencing reports?

To individualize the offender before the court and recommend suitable sentences based on empirical evidence.

According to conflict theories, what is the reason for differences in values among people in society?

Social classes and groups have conflicting interests

What is the distinction made between people in society according to the text?

Between law-abiding people and law-breakers

What do advocates of conflict theories question about certain types of behavior?

Whether they are lawful

What is the main argument of advocates of conflict theories?

People have conflicting values

What is the view of conflict theories on the needs of the majority in society?

The needs of the majority are not considered

What is the difference between law-abiding people and law-breakers according to the text?

Their behavior

Test your knowledge of criminology theories and their application in the criminal justice system with this quiz. Explore the role of forensic criminologists in individualizing offenders in pre-sentencing reports and the use of theoretical explanations in prevention activities by the SAPS.

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