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What are the two assumptions of social behavior and cognitions?

Presence of social contexts, environments, and social interactions are influenced by imagined or actual groups

In the Milgram experiment, what is destructive obedience?

Obedience that leads individuals to harm others or themselves

What was one of the ethical considerations in the Milgram experiment?

The potential psychological harm inflicted on participants

Why is debriefing important in psychological experiments?

To inform participants about the true purpose of the study and alleviate any distress caused

How did Milgram explore obedience to authority?

By studying how individuals followed orders even if they conflicted with their moral values

What is a key aspect of classical conditioning?

Association between a neutral stimulus and a naturally occurring stimulus

What was one aim of the Milgram experiment?

Investigating obedience to authority

How did Milgram recruit participants for the study?

Volunteer sampling

Describe the procedure followed in the Milgram experiment.

Participants were asked to administer a maximum voltage shock for every wrong answer, despite protests, in a controlled laboratory setting under the authority of an experimenter wearing a lab coat.

What type of research design was used in the Milgram experiment?

Controlled observational

How was obedience operationalized in the Milgram experiment?

By participants following orders from the experimenter to deliver shocks, even when it caused distress.

What ethical consideration was breached in the Milgram experiment?


What percentage of participants in the Milgram experiment gave the maximum shock of 450 volts?


What was one of the main conclusions drawn from the Milgram experiment regarding obedience?

Individuals are much more obedient to authority figures.

What ethical issue was raised in the Milgram experiment regarding the participants' right to withdraw?

Participants were not given the right to withdraw despite being told they could.

What was a weakness identified in the Milgram experiment regarding the participants' psychological harm?

Participants were not adequately protected from psychological harm.

What was the significance of the Milgram experiment in terms of obedience?

It demonstrated that individuals are highly susceptible to obeying authority figures.

What was one of the strengths of the Milgram experiment in terms of data collection?

Objective measurements/data were collected.

What was the main ethical dilemma observed in the Milgram experiment?

Deception of participants about the true nature of the study.

What was a weakness of the Milgram experiment related to debriefing?

Participants were not debriefed properly at the end of the study.

What classical conditioning element was evident in the Milgram experiment?

Participants showed signs of relief when the shocks stopped.

What was a key observation made in the Milgram experiment regarding participants' obedience?

Participants were more obedient to authority figures even when they felt high levels of stress.

Test your knowledge on the assumptions of the social approach in psychology. Learn about how behavior, cognitions, and emotions are influenced by social contexts and environments.

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