Section 33 and Administrative Justice Rights Quiz

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What is the main focus of administrative law according to the text?

Exercising public authority through the law

Which doctrine emphasizes that everyone is subject to and equal before the law?

Rule of Law

What is the significance of Section 33 as mentioned in the text?

Guarantees the right to just administrative action

What does PAJA stand for in the context of administrative law?

Promotion of Administrative Justice Act

In the context of administrative law, what does the case Pharmaceutical Manufacturers refer to?

A landmark case concerning pharmaceutical regulations

Which aspect of public power is highlighted by the functional approach in Calibre Clinical Consultants & AAA Investments?

Nature of power

What is the primary role of Chapter 9 institutions in administrative law?

Monitoring and supporting democracy

What does Section 1(c) emphasize regarding administrative law?

Legality through the rule of law

How does Administrative Justice differ from judicial review in administrative law?

Administrative justice covers broader aspects beyond judicial review, including alternative dispute resolution methods.

How does Section 172 contribute to ensuring administrative accountability?

By empowering individuals to challenge unconstitutional laws or conduct

Test your knowledge on the entrenchment of rights to administrative justice under Section 33. Explore the individual rights, justiciability, application to all laws, binding on state organs, and requirements for amendment.

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