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Which type of research allows for prediction but not causal conclusions?

Correlational research

What is a key factor in ensuring internal validity in experimental research?

Random assignment

Which theory emphasizes the role of socialization agents and social comparison in shaping self-concept?

Looking-glass self theory

What does the mirror test assess in terms of self-awareness?


Which type of measurement involves reporting by individuals about their thoughts, feelings, or behaviors?

Self-report measures

What is a key characteristic of individualism versus collectivism in cultural differences?

Emphasis on personal goals vs. group goals

What term refers to the tendency for individuals to overestimate their abilities in relation to others?

Dunning-Kruger effect

Which bias involves attributing one's own successes to internal factors while blaming failures on external factors?

Self-serving bias

What principle involves looking at consensus, distinctiveness, and consistency when making attributions about behavior?

Covariation principle

Which bias refers to the tendency to focus more on negative information than positive information?

Negativity focus bias

What attributional style focuses on explaining events as being due to internal, stable, and global factors?

Internal attributional style

Which bias involves attributing other people's behavior to internal/dispositional factors while attributing one's own behavior to external/situational factors?

Actor-observer bias

Test your knowledge on theories, hypotheses, goals of research, hindsight bias, conceptual vs. operational definitions, types of measurement, research design, descriptive research (observational, archival, survey), and correlational research. Learn about strengths and weaknesses of different types of measurements and how to interpret alternative causal explanations.

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