René Descartes and Modern Philosophy

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Immanuel Kant emphasized which mental capacity of humans?

Rational will

Gilbert Ryle believed that what truly matters is a person's __________.


What did Maurice Merleau-Ponty assert about the mind and body?

They are intertwined and cannot be separated

According to Paul Churchland, what did he propose regarding the mind and body?

The mind is the brain and inseparable from the body's physiology

Which philosopher challenged Locke's idea that the mind is a blank slate?

Immanuel Kant

What concept is associated with René Descartes' famous statement 'Cogito ergo sum'?

Dualism between the mind and body

According to John Locke, what is the initial state of the mind at birth?

A blank slate

How did René Descartes describe the human body's operation in comparison to a machine?

Nerves as hollow tubes and animal spirits as gaseous substances

What did David Hume believe the mind is composed of?

Different perceptions unified by relationships

Which philosopher argued that people lack the experience of a singular, distinct self?

David Hume

Learn about René Descartes, known as the 'Father of Modern Philosophy', and his contributions to understanding the relationship between the mind and body. Explore concepts such as dualism, the famous phrase 'Cogito ergo sum' (I think, therefore I am), and his views on the nature of reasoning.

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