Rene Descartes: Father of Modern Philosophy

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What is Rene Descartes known as in the context of philosophy?

The father of modern philosophy

What is the name of Descartes' philosophical method that involves continuous questioning and doubting?

Methodical doubt

What is the significance of Descartes' statement 'cogito ergo sum'?

It establishes the existence of the mind as the essence of our being

Why does Descartes believe that we should focus on the mind rather than the body?

Because the body and its senses can be deceived

What is the relationship between the mind and body according to Descartes?

The mind and body are separate entities

What is the outcome of Descartes' method of continuous questioning and doubting?

A better understanding of oneself

What is the concept represented by John Locke's 'tabula rasa'?

The accumulation of experiences and perceptions that shape a person

According to David Hume, what is the basis of a person's self?

The accumulation of impressions and experiences

What is the essence of consciousness that provides the basis for understanding the self, according to Immanuel Kant?

Transcendental apperception

Who is known as the Father of Classical Liberation?

John Locke

What does John Locke emphasize regarding a person's existence?

A person's existence is in constant doubt

What is the role of intuition in establishing the self, according to Immanuel Kant?

It synthesizes all the experiences, impressions, and perceptions of ourselves

Test your knowledge about the life and ideas of Rene Descartes, a French philosopher who is known for his systematic and scientific approach to philosophy. Learn about his concepts of modern dualism, methodical doubt, and more.

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