Chapter 4: Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behavior

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What is one of the important differences in emphasis between consumer and organizational buying?

Why is it important for suppliers to invest in long-term relationships with large customers?

What is the significance of the growth of key account selling?

What is likely true about organizational buying compared to consumer buying?

Why is it important for marketers to understand the differences between consumer and organizational buying?

What is reflected in the fact that 80% of output in industrial product marketing is sold to 10–15 organizations?

In business-to-business marketing, why do sellers often tailor their product offerings to meet the specific requirements of buyers?

What may be demanded by an organizational buyer in a powerful negotiating position with a seller?

Why are business-to-business markets sometimes characterized by a contract being agreed before the product is made?

Which factor makes organizational buying more complex?

What is the main focus of understanding customers in consumer buying behavior?

What makes decision making in consumer purchases more complex when made by a buying center, such as a household?


Explore the differences between consumer and organizational buying, examining the implications for marketing of goods and services and the personal selling function. Learn about the importance of fewer organizational buyers in industrial product marketing compared to consumer markets.

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