Psychology Schools of Thought

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Which perspective in psychology focuses on the influence of the unconscious mind on behavior?


Who among the following psychologists emphasized personal growth and self-actualization?

Abraham Maslow

Which perspective in psychology examines the physiological basis of behavior and mental processes?

Biological (Neuroscience) Perspective

What is the primary focus of Behaviorism in psychology?

Studying observable behaviors and conditioning

What does the biological model emphasize in its study?

Brain structure and its functions

Which neurotransmitter imbalance is associated with depression according to the text?

Low levels of serotonin

Which component of the nervous system is considered the basic building block?


What does neuroplasticity refer to in the context of the brain?

Ability to form new neural connections and change its structure

What type of interventions do psychotropic medications target according to the biological model?

Specific neurotransmitter systems

What does the biological perspective examine regarding genetics?

Role of genetics in psychological traits

What does evolutionary psychology explore in relation to psychological traits?

How traits evolve through natural selection

Learn about different schools of thought in psychology including Structuralism, Functionalism, Behaviorism, Psychoanalysis, and Humanistic Psychology. Understand the key figures associated with each school and their fundamental principles.

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