Properties of Solid System in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

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Which type of solid dosage form is the most important for pharmaceuticals?

Tablets and capsules

What advantage do solid dosage forms have over liquid dosage forms?

They do not require preservatives for microbial stability

Which factor is less problematic for solid dosage forms compared to liquid dosage forms?

Microbial stability

What percentage of all medicines licensed are oral solid dosage forms?


What type of administration do tablets and capsules offer the patient an advantage in?

Ease and convenience of administration

What is the most rare form of solid dosage form used these days?

Powdered drugs

What is the term 'particle size' a reflection of?

Surface area and projected areas

Which type of particle has a greater surface area per unit volume?

Asymmetric particle

What is the equivalent spherical diameter used for?

To assign a meaningful diameter to asymmetric particles

What is Stoke's diameter used to describe?

An equivalent sphere undergoing sedimentation at the same rate as the asymmetric particle

Which type of tablet dissolves in the mouth without water?

Mouth dissolving tablet

What is the purpose of an enteric coated tablet?

To protect the drug from being broken down by stomach acid

Test your knowledge on the properties of solid systems in pharmaceutical dosage forms with this quiz. Learn about particle size, distribution curves, and methods of particle size determination.

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