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What is the specific gravity range for urine sample in a pregnant woman?

1.003 - 1.030

Which technique is used to obtain fetal heart tones (FHT) during prenatal visits?

Doppler technique

What is the purpose of obtaining baseline blood pressure at the first prenatal visit?

To relieve anxiety

In the context of pregnancy, what is considered important for fetal growth?

Maintaining a healthy weight gain

What is the recommended approach in making health examination a learning experience for pregnant adolescents?

Make examination detailed and informative

Why is it important to know local and state laws related to pregnancy during a health assessment?

For making necessary reports and providing appropriate care

Which safety measure is important for women with disabilities during pregnancy?

Securing a ramp for wheelchair access

What is a recommended position for pelvic examination for women with spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy?

Dorsal recumbent position

What measure should be taken when providing health teaching for women with hearing impairment?

Stand behind the woman

What is a key focus of nutritional counseling for pregnant women with cognitive challenges?

Emphasizing foods that can be prepared without cooking

Which activity is suggested for pregnant women with assistive technology needs, such as visually challenged individuals?

. Walking around their home or apartment

What is a critical step before performing a pelvic examination on a visually challenged woman who has been sexually abused?

. Talk and work through her experience of abuse

Which of the following is NOT a common sign or symptom of pre-eclampsia?


What is a characteristic feature of vascular spasm in pregnancy?

Restriction of blood flow in the placenta

Which of the following is a common treatment for pre-eclampsia?

Administration of magnesium sulfate

What is one of the known causes of pre-eclampsia?

Poor dietary habits

Why is it important to assess participation in sports and potentially discontinue certain activities during pregnancy?

To reduce the risk of premature birth

What should be done early and carefully in terms of birth decisions for adolescents related to pelvic measurements?

Ensure complete pelvic growth before making any decisions

Test your knowledge on factors leading to prolonged labor and patient rights during childbirth. Learn about the importance of monitoring labor progression and the rights of individuals with disabilities during childbirth.

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