Progressive Movement and Roosevelt's Environmental Conservationism Quiz

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What key belief did the progressive movement emphasize?

The capability of American society to improve

What did Roosevelt do as an environmental conservationist?

Set aside 150 million acres of federal land as national reserves

What was the purpose of the direct primary process?

To put the nominating process directly in the hands of voters

What did Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle' lead to in 1906?

Pure food and drug act forbidding the sale of good quality products

What was the purpose of Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago?

Providing educational and social services

What did the 17th Amendment require regarding U.S senators?

To be elected by popular vote

What did the 18th Amendment declare illegal in the U.S?

Production, transportation, and sale of intoxicating liquors

Who proposed the Open Door Notes/Policy regarding China?

John Hay

What did W.E.B DuBois advocate for in terms of segregation?

Pro integration

What did Alfred T Mahan argue was crucial for a country's ambitions of becoming a world power?

Strong navy

What was the main objective of the progressive movement in terms of government powers?

Expand the role of government to bring about societal changes

What was the significance of Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle'?

Prompted regulatory laws on food and drugs

What was a key aspect of Robert La Follette's approach in Wisconsin?

Bypassing politicians and involving voters directly in nominations

What did the direct primary, initiative, and referendum aim to achieve?

Empower citizens in the political decision-making process

What was the central idea of the Bull Moose Party led by Roosevelt?

Fighting against the dominance of bad trusts in the market

Why did Roosevelt run again in the 1912 election?

To challenge Taft's presidency due to internal divisions in the Republican party

What did the 16th amendment authorize the U.S. government to do?

Collect an income tax

Which statement best describes the purpose of settlement houses like Jane Addams Hull House?

Providing social services and education to communities in urban areas

What did Alfred T Mahan argue was crucial for securing a country's ambitions of becoming a world power?

Emphasizing the importance of a strong navy

How did large American investments in Cuban sugar contribute to the justification for expansionism?

By providing economic interests that needed protection through intervention

Explore the progressive movement in American society and Roosevelt's actions as an environmental conservationist. Learn about the expansion of government powers, conservation efforts, forest reserve act of 1891, and the establishment of national reserves.

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