Progressive Movement Overview

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What is the main purpose of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

To protect investors by enforcing securities laws

Which New Deal program was focused on creating employment through public works projects?

Works Progress Administration (WPA)

What was the outcome of FDR's Court Packing plan?

It was denied as it was seen as a threat to democracy

Why is the Social Security Act considered important?

It provided aid to destitute elderly and introduced retirement plans

Which New Deal program aimed to protect investors?

FDR and Court Packing

What primarily distinguishes Social Security from welfare programs?

Social Security provides more insurance than welfare due to its link to employment

Which New Deal program aimed at directly employing artists and writers?

Works Progress Administration (WPA)

What aspect did the Supreme Court challenge during Roosevelt's administration?

The constitutionality of certain legislations like AAA or NRA

What function did the Works Progress Administration (WPA) serve during the New Deal era?

To hire individuals for public works projects

Why was FDR's Court Packing plan rejected?

It was considered a threat to democracy and a path toward dictatorship

Explore the key aspects of the Progressive Movement, a social reform movement in the early 20th century. Learn about its objectives to tackle monopolies, corruption, and social injustice, and its impact on democracy and society.

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