The Progressive Era

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Progressives wanted consumer rights, the ending of monopolies (often called 'trusts,' which called for 'trust-busting'), and ______ government.


Efficiency and perfection - Progressives held the belief that we really could eradicate most social failings and problems. At the minimum, if we couldn't end these problems, we could ______ our solutions to provide the most efficient solutions.


Child Labor - Prior to the Progressive era, child labor was depressingly common. Factory owners often preferred child workers since they were more manageable (that is, less likely to strike) and cheaper. Children in factories often worked 16-hour days in highly dangerous ______.


Test your knowledge on the Progressive Era and their goals of ending corruption, promoting consumer rights, trust-busting, and achieving efficient government. See how much you know about their efforts to eradicate social failings and improve society.

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