Postmature Delivery and Low Lying Placenta

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During the anabolic phase of pregnancy (week 0-20), there is a buildup of maternal capacity to deliver nutrients to the fetus, with increased levels of anabolic hormones and a decrease in exercise tolerance, leading to the buildup of fat, nutrient, and liver ______ stores.


In the catabolic phase of pregnancy (week 20+), there is an increased level of catabolic hormones to facilitate the nutrient transfer to the fetus, leading to larger production and blood levels of glucose, triglycerides, and fatty acids, and a decrease in liver ______ storages.


During the 1st trimester of pregnancy, there is a multiplication of embryo cells and cell differentiation, with main external features beginning to take form. This period is considered as a 'critical period' as major development defects can occur, especially within the first 100 days, due to the rapid and crucial ______ occurring.


Reduced absorption of niacin, riboflavin, and vB6 can occur during pregnancy, affecting maternal anabolic and catabolic phases. This reduction in absorption can impact the overall ______ of the mother and the fetus.


Low lying placenta is associated with increased risk of ______


Gestational age is measured from the first day of the last menstrual period to the delivery day in ______


Postmature delivery, also known as overdue labor, occurs after ______ gestational weeks


Placenta starts to deteriorate after ______ weeks


Induced delivery may be necessary when the pregnancy is ______ past its expected date

2 weeks

Physiological changes during late pregnancy lead to an increased oxidation and formation of free radicals, known as a pro-oxidative ______


Excess iron supplementation can lead to the formation of more free radicals through the ______ reaction


Higher levels of estrogen during pregnancy may cause a lower survival rate and birth rate due to ______


Higher levels of cortisol during pregnancy can cause insulin resistance in ______


HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) maintains early pregnancy and stimulates the production of ______ and progesterone


HCS (human chorionic somatotropin) increases maternal insulin resistance to maintain glucose availability for the ______


Progesterone-induced relaxation of smooth muscle can lead to a decrease in lower oesophagus ______ pressure


In female, insulin increases reducing sex hormone binding globin (SHGB) increasing level of ______ in ovary disrupted egg development


In male, fate cells convert testosterone into ______ increasing level of estrogen


Decreased sperm production oxidative stress elevates sperm and sperm DNA damage remarks changes of hormone availability interfere with reproductive processes irregular menstrual cycle anovulatory cycle ______


Reduced sperm production hormone availability changes with fat content more the amount of fat cell, higher the ______ level


Feedback loop to maintain constant fat micronutrients zinc (male) reduced oxidative stress promotes sperm maturation enhance ______ synthesis


High intake of soy protein may possibility lengthen menstrual cycle and decreased ______ level


Irrelevant to probability of conception, sperm motility and sperm morphology ______


No more than 2 drinks per day : lower sperm count and quality Female: no more than 1 drink per day : lower chance of ______


High exposure cause change in sperm morphology example: male in the high exposure of lead disrupts hormonal communication between pituitary gland and testes lower ______ level


Loss of menstrual cycle anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa possibly linked to hypothalamic ______


Chronic energy deficits and intense physical activity ______


Higher chance in miscarriage, preterm delivery, deliver low birth weight infants ovulation and menstruation resume normal with normal eating and weigth gain for female athlete triad ( low energy availability) chronic energy deficits and intense physical activity ______


This quiz covers topics related to postmature delivery, including the effects of a low-lying placenta and gestational age. It also addresses potential complications, such as decreased oxygen supply to the fetus and the need for induced delivery.

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