Physiologic Changes in Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

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What is the primary energy source for aerobic exercise?

What happens to heart rate and stroke volume during aerobic exercise?

What is the role of EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) after aerobic exercise?

Which macronutrients undergo aerobic metabolism during exercise?

What characterizes the energy output during aerobic exercise?

What happens to respiratory rate and depth during aerobic exercise?

During anaerobic exercise, what is the primary energy pathway?

What is the byproduct of anaerobic glycolysis?

What is rapidly broken down to regenerate ATP for very short bursts of activity?

What occurs during the post-exercise period to gradually clear lactate from the muscles?

What is replenished during the recovery phase utilizing oxygen-dependent processes?

What does the body work to restore during the recovery phase after anaerobic activity?

What is the elevated metabolic rate during the recovery phase known as?

What are utilized for ongoing energy needs during anaerobic exercise?

What contributes to muscle fatigue during anaerobic glycolysis?


Learn about the physiologic changes that occur during and after aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Explore the increased oxygen consumption, aerobic metabolism, and anaerobic metabolism during exercise.

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