Philosophy: Various Philosophers and Dichotomous Realms

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According to Descartes, what is the essence of self?

A thinking thing

What must one have in order to attain the best decisions in life, as per Descartes?

A healthy mind

What did Descartes attribute to the bad and wrong things happening in the world?

Misusing of the mind

What is the function of the mind?

Analyzes and reasons

How did Descartes define the self's existence?

Through thinking

According to Socrates, what is the essence of the human person?

Thinking and willing

What is the main difference between the rational soul and the spirited soul based on the text?

The spirited soul enables cognitive functions

What did Socrates emphasize as necessary to attain a good life?

Being wise and virtuous

How does Socrates define the soul in relation to Christianity?

As the intellectual and moral personality of the human person

What enables us to experience joy, happiness, sadness, and anger according to the text?

Spirited Soul

What does Socrates suggest we need to take care of in order to attain a good life?

Our minds and cognitive functions

Explore the teachings and philosophies of various philosophers like Saint Augustine, Socrates, Plato, and more. Understand the concept of dichotomous realms such as the physical realm (body) and the ideal realm (soul) presented by these thinkers.

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