Pharmacology: Scope and Characteristics

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What is one of the problems arising from the use of herbal preparations?

Adverse drug interactions

Which organization has published technical publications concerning the use of herbal preparations?


What is one purpose of the Philippine law RA 8423 (TAMA) of 1997?

Regulating traditional medicine

What do registration requirements for traditional medicine products aim to ensure?

Safety, quality, and claimed application

What does the Herbal Medicine and Food Supplement Act aim to ensure?

Safety and quality of herbal products

What is the main aim of pharmacology reviewer Scope Pharmakon?

To scientifically support the use of plants in pharmacy

What distinguishes ethnopharmacologic from bioprospecting?

The freshness of the plant used

What are nutraceuticals primarily focused on?

Supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals

Where does artemisinin, a compound used in drug discovery, come from?

Chinese herbal medicine artemisia annua

Which country has the highest popularity in using herbal preparations according to the text?

United States

What is the main source of natural products discussed in the text?

Plants and animal sources

Explore the science of biogenic or nature-derived pharmaceuticals and poisons, including the process of preparing crude herbs, extracts, and pure compounds. Learn about the difference between ethnopharmacologic and bioprospecting approaches in pharmacology.

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