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What is the main goal in pharmacokinetics?

To express the time course of the plasma concentrations mathematically.

Why do compartmental models play a significant role in pharmacokinetics?

They allow the dose and individual processes of ADME to be combined logically to create simple models of a complex system.

What is the salt factor in pharmacokinetics?

The fraction of the salt that is made up of pure drug.

How does the bioavailability factor affect drug administration?

It accounts for the portion of the dose that is lost before reaching the systemic circulation.

What is the definition of Effective Dose in pharmacokinetics?

The amount of parent drug that reaches the systemic circulation.

What is the formula to calculate effective dose of a drug?

Effective dose = S x F x D

In Example 1, what is the effective dose when a 400-mg tablet of theophylline is administered?

288 mg

What is the formula for the rate of drug absorption?

Rate of absorption = ka x AGI

In Example 2, what is the effective dose of a 5-mg tablet of a drug susceptible to acid hydrolysis and metabolism, where only 25% reaches systemic circulation?

1.19 mg

For orally administered drugs, in which routes of administration does the process of drug absorption occur?

All routes except for the direct systemic routes, such as IV

Test your knowledge on pharmacokinetics models and the mathematical equations used to express the time course of drug concentrations in the body. Explore how drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion affect drug concentrations in plasma.

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