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What is the primary concern of the organization in the custodial model?

The welfare of its employees

Which model views the organization as a partnership between managers and employees?

Collegial model

What is the primary focus of managers in the system model?

Improving the overall system

Which field does OB draw concepts and theories from to understand human behavior in the workplace?


What is the primary goal of organizational behavior?

To understand, predict, and improve human behavior in the workplace

Which of the following is NOT a factor that influences employee behavior according to the text?

Job Opportunities outside the organization

What is one of the areas organizational behavior seeks to understand about individual employees?

Their attitudes, values, and beliefs

Which academic disciplines does organizational behavior draw insights from?

Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Management

What is one of the contributing disciplines to Organizational Behavior (OB) that focuses on understanding how individuals behave in groups and how they are influenced by social norms and expectations?


Which field heavily contributes to OB by providing insights into how cultural differences influence behavior within organizations?


Which discipline contributes to OB by providing a framework for understanding how organizations function and how to manage them effectively?


What does motivation refer to?

Factors driving an individual's behavior

Why does OB draw heavily on the principles and theories of psychology, particularly social psychology?

To comprehend how individuals behave in groups and are influenced by social norms

Why is effective leadership crucial in an organizational context?

To build relationships and achieve organizational goals

What is organizational culture defined as?

Shared values, beliefs, and assumptions shaping individual behavior

How does perception influence interactions in an organizational context?

By forming a meaningful understanding of the work environment

What type of insights does economics provide to organizational behavior (OB)?

Insights into how to design effective incentive systems

How do successful managerial activities differ from effective managerial activities in organizational behavior (OB)?

Successful activities focus on achieving specific goals, while effective activities create a positive work environment.

How does political science contribute to understanding organizations in organizational behavior (OB)?

By providing insights into power distribution within organizations

What do successful managerial activities in organizational behavior (OB) aim to achieve?

Balancing competing priorities effectively

Test your knowledge on how individuals select, organize, and interpret sensory information (perception) and the factors that drive behavior (motivation) in an organizational context. Understand the significance of perception and motivation in how employees perceive their work environment and perform their job.

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