Patricia Gomez Management Chapter 7: Organization Design Quiz

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What is the number of direct reports assigned to a manager known as?

Span of Control

In an agile organization, what does the 'North Star' embody?

Performance Management

What is the hallmark of an agile organization related to decision-making?

Centralized vs Decentralized Organization Structure

Which element is vital in igniting passion in the dynamic people model of an agile organization?

Network of Empowered Teams

What does the number of managerial levels between the top and bottom of an organization refer to?

Levels of Hierarchy

What does job design in an organization focus on?

Creating meaningful work for employees

What type of organizational structure requires employees with similar skills and experiences to work together in a single group?

Functional Structure

Which approach to integration and coordination involves grouping jobs together based on employees who routinely work together?

Organization Structure

Which element of job design focuses on the extent to which a job requires a worker to use a wide range of different skills and abilities?

Skill Variety

In terms of organizational culture, what are the three levels identified in understanding an organization’s culture?

Artifacts, Values, and Assumptions

What does task identity in job design refer to?

Extent to which a job requires a worker to perform all tasks needed to complete the task

Which of the following dimensions is not part of the (BGC) 7 Dimensions of Culture?

Hierarchical vs. Flat

Which element of job design focuses on the extent to which a job reflects the lives of other people?

Task Significance

What is the focus of organizational structure in an organization?

Grouping jobs into work groups

Which type of structure involves people with diverse skills/experiences collectively focusing on providing products, serving customers, or specific areas?

Divisional Structure

What does autonomy refer to in the context of job design?

Extent to which employee is allowed to make choices about scheduling & performing tasks

What distinguishes a strong organizational culture from a weak one?

Intensity of shared values and attitudes

Test your knowledge on organization design concepts such as job design, organizational structure, and organizational culture based on the content covered in Patricia Gomez's Introduction to Management class, focusing on Chapter 7.

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