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Which type of organization design has a clear hierarchy and centralized decision-making?

Traditional Design

What is a characteristic of Simple Design in traditional organization design?

Broad span of control

In what type of organization design are cross-functional collaboration and employee empowerment emphasized?

Modern Design

What is a feature of Functional Design in traditional organization design?

Little or no departmentalization

Which type of organization design values stability and centralized decision-making?

Modern Design

What type of organization design has a customer-centric focus and decentralized decision-making?

Modern Design

What is a potential disadvantage of the Simple Design?

Overdependence on a single person

Which organizational design encourages career specialization and creates a sense of belonging?

Functional Design

What is a possible disadvantage of Divisional Design?

Possible duplication of activities and resources

In which organizational design are supervisory skills much less critical than collaboration and group problem-solving?

Team-based Design

Which design allows project managers to choose individuals based on the needs of a project?

Matrix-Project Design

Test your knowledge of organization design for effective business management with this quiz. Learn about different organizational designs, their advantages, and disadvantages.

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