ParticipACTION: Goals, Objectives, and Evaluation

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What sparked a national debate and brought issues of physical activity promotion to the forefront in Canada?

Which organization was created as a result of Bill C-131, an act to promote fitness and amateur sport?

What led to the creation of the Canada fitness survey?

Who was hired to lead the agency originally called Sport Participation Canada?

Which group was engaged with by ParticipACTION in addition to the public sector?

What major concept influenced the creation of ParticipACTION according to the text?

What was the major goal of the early ParticipACTION campaigns?

What was the focus of the ParticipACTION campaigns in the 1980s?

Why did ParticipACTION close its doors in 2001?

What role did ParticipACTION play in the Canadian health promotion scene after its revival in 2007?

What characterizes the shift in focus from the early to the later ParticipACTION campaigns?

Why were Canadians described as 'intellectually committed' to the ParticipACTION brand in the 1970s?

What was one of the main goals of ParticipACTION as described in the text?

How did ParticipACTION primarily aim to achieve its goals according to the text?

What impact did the 150 Play List campaign have on participants, according to the text?

Why was the evaluation of community-based campaign components challenging, as mentioned in the text?

What sets ParticipACTION apart from other public health campaigns?

What does the research in the text suggest about the 150 Play List campaign's future impact?

What was one of the main outcomes of the population-level evaluation of ParticipACTION’s 150 Play List campaign?

Based on the text, who was more likely to participate in the 150 Play List campaign?

What did the survey conducted by Berry et al. (2020) measure in relation to the 150 Play List?

According to Bauman et al. (2004), what are some ways to judge the success of ParticipACTION?

What was a highlighted challenge in evaluating community-based campaign components according to the text?

What aspect requires further research according to the article?

What percentage of respondents were aware of the 150 Play List, surpassing the set awareness goal by ParticipACTION?

Among those who participated in the 150 Play List, what percentage reported trying at least one physical activity or sport-related behavior?

What percentage of those who were aware but did not participate in the 150 Play List trialed a behavior?

What is one difference between the 150 Play List campaign and the early ParticipACTION campaigns?

How did Berry et al., (2020) measure engagement at large and medium-sized events of the 150 Play List?

What is a limitation of the LiveGauge sensor approach to measuring engagement at events?


Explore the goals, objectives, and evaluation methods of ParticipACTION in promoting physical activity and active living among Canadians. Learn about the theoretical underpinnings, social marketing campaigns, and health communication approach used by ParticipACTION.

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