Obstructive Lung Disease Cardiopulmonary Lecture Content

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What is the initial physiologic defect that varies according to each pathology?

Varying initial V/Q ratio

What is the optimal V/Q ratio for maintaining normal gas exchange?


What is the consequence of a mismatch between ventilation and perfusion in the area of pathology?

Impaired gas exchange and increased work of breathing

What is the degree of physical correspondence between ventilated and perfused areas of the lungs called?

$V/Q$ matching

What is the blood flow through the pulmonary circulation that is available for gas exchange called?


Test your knowledge on obstructive lung diseases, cardiopulmonary pathophysiology, impaired gas exchanges, and the inflammatory processes involved. This quiz covers topics such as V/Q mismatch, increased work of breathing, lung injury, toxic substances, pathogens, and autoimmune processes.

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