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Which case involved the question of whether an individual's presence in an area of expected criminal activity is enough to support a reasonable suspicion of crime?

Which branch is law enforcement apart of ?

This branch is responsible for interpreting the laws

Which branch is responsible for creating the laws ?

Which principle is provided by the constitution?

According to the supremacy clause, which level of government generally takes precedence in cases of conflicting laws?

Local government creates ordinances

What is the primary purpose of civil law?

What is administrative law?

What does Chapter 11b of the Florida administrative code govern?

Which branch of the government is responsible for forming case law?

What is case law?

Which of the following is the main objective of a law enforcement officer?

Which document sets the parameters for the U.S. government?

What is the purpose of the article of the constitution mentioned in the context?

What is another name for the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution?

Which amendment protects the freedom of speech?

According to the Fifth Amendment, which of the following is required for capital crimes?

Who does due process apply to?

Which of the following best defines substantive due process?

What does Procedural Due process refer to?

Which amendment prohibits double jeopardy?

Which amendment in the US Constitution includes protection against excessive bails and fines?

Which amendment establishes due process and equal protection of the law?

What are the two main categories in which criminal offenses can be classified?

Which of the following penalties can a local criminal ordinance violation carry?

Which term describes a criminal offense that carries a maximum imprisonment of up to one year?

What is the maximum sentence for a 1st degree misdemeanor?

How long can someone be sentenced for a 2nd degree misdemeanor?

What is another term for a non-criminal violation?

Which level of government governs enhanced penalties?

What is another term for a criminal act?

Why is it important to determine criminal intent?

What do you need to establish a crime

This is when someone intentionally commits a crime such as Battery, Rape, Kidnapping, Manslaughter False Imprisonment

This Is when the intent to commit a crime to deprive an owner of something permanently such as burglary, embezzlement, forgery, murder, robbery, and theft

This is when a harm in meant for one person but it ands up hitting another person

Someone on the phone causes in accident this is considered as

This is when they intend for their behavior to cause the damages that they did. Such as vehicular homicide (Aka They actually know its going to cause damage)

What is the 2nd element of negligence

What is the 4th element of negligence

What is the 1st element of negligence

What is the 3rd element of negligence

These are designed to compensate for the actual property damages, harm, or jury.

These are presumed to result from the DEFENDENTS ACTIONS awards for pain and suffering,Discomfort humiliation and emotional distress

These are to award those actually caused by the injury lost earnings, personal property, attorney fees

This is to punish the defendants because of there acts and to warn others of there actions

What standard of proof is required for an investigative stop?

Under what statue , allows the officer to seize the contraband even if it does not feel like a weapon

In the United States, the Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures. What standard must be met in order for law enforcement to perform a pat-down on someone?

Which of the following factors is considered when determining probable cause? WHAT IS IT BASED OFF OF

This is when someone intrudes into someone’s privacy to look for something

This when an officer affects a person to have control over that property (aka confiscated)

Who is the search warrant issued by ?

In the legal system, what standard of proof is required for a conviction? (Key word conviction)

A mobile conveyance search may be conducted Without a warrant even if there may be time to Obtain a warrant

Under what conditions can you enter a place when there is a destruction of evidence

This is the immediate and continuous pursuit by officers of a suspect who is fleeing to avoid arrest and is entering another jurisdiction.

This is when is officer may enter a place to ensure the (safety) of the person, or the public to ensure everyone is safe -BUT THE OFFICER MUST HAVE OBJECTIVELY REASONABLENESS-

What condition must be met for an inventory to be permitted?

Under the 4th amendment, when a person -(is arrested)-they may be searched without a warrant. This type of search is called:

A search incident may be conducted only when they are under custodial arrest, or ?

What is the main difference between Open Fields and private areas?

The scope of Constitutional searches is limited to the items being searched Basically if your looKing For a Dryer You Cant look inside Drawers or Under beds.

How does the Florida statutes empower law enforcement agencies regarding contraband articles?

What is the term used in the Florida statutes to describe the property that can be seized and forfeited?

This is a civil Proceeding in which law enforcement ask the court to transfer evertthing From the defendant to the law enforcement agency which they can (sell or keep for the agency). —Key word sell or keep for the agency—

394.463 F.S authorities a law enforcement officer take someone into custody for involuntary examination under the baker act to seize and hold any firearms or ammunition

How many categories does the state of Florida recognize to own a firearm? LOOK AT PG,92

The florida statues defines" readily accessible for immediate Use as carried on the Person or within such close Proximate AKA Can be quicKly accessible

securely encased means in a glove compartment, in a gun Case, a zipper gun case, An a box with the lid closed

You can verify someone’s license through FCIC or from dispatch

For an officer to comply with the officers safety act they must carry how many forms

This is a federal law that allows qualified and retired law enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm in any jurisdiction in the United States this is called what?

Which is one of the forms an officer must carry on him or her to comply with the officers safety act? (SELF ELIMINATE) the answer READ

How long ago should an officer have met the qualifications with the same firearm in order to comply with the Officer Safety Act?

Which of the following best defines reciprocity in the context of concealed carry?

This is a court order that temporarily restricts a person access to firearms, ammunition for up to one year

This is a court order that authorizes and requires law enforcement to take the individual into custody this is called what

What do you need to obtain an arrest warrant ?

Aka what do you need to arrest someone ?

The Florida statue authorize law enforcement officers to enter the residence of a wanted person to make an arrest

To enter a third party residence to arrest a subject, the officer must obtain a search warrant, or articulate why you entered the home without a search warrant

What is another term used to refer to a probable cause affidavit?

What is a probable cause affidavit?



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