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What is the main goal of marketers in terms of distribution?

To efficiently move goods and services to consumers

In which distribution system do firms reach and deliver goods directly to consumers without intermediaries?

Direct Distribution Systems (DDS)

What is the role of a personal selling system in direct distribution systems?

Convincing potential customers about the product features and benefits

Which of the following is NOT a format of direct distribution systems mentioned in the text?

Indirect mailing

What is the termination point for the supplier's liability in FOB Destination?

When the buyer receives the merchandise

Which of the following is a key focus in the distribution job of marketeers?

Making products available to customers efficiently

What is a characteristic of a multi-tier distribution system?

Involves multiple levels of intermediaries between producer and consumer

Which strategy does a two-tier distribution system employ?

Involves two levels of intermediaries between producer and consumer

What is a drawback of utilizing multiple distribution channels without proper coordination?

Potential conflicts among channels

What factor influences the choice between direct or indirect distribution systems?

Product type, target market, and customer expectations

Test your knowledge on the multi-tier distribution system, which involves multiple marketing intermediaries between firms and consumers. Learn about managing multiple channels systems and the adoption of dual distribution strategies by firms.

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