Distribution Management Overview

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What is the primary goal of distribution management?

Improving profit margins and inventory turnover rate

Which of the following is NOT a part of distribution management?

Distributing products from wholesalers to manufacturers

What role does a distributor play in the distribution channel?

Providing raw materials to manufacturers

Why are wholesalers important in distribution management?

To purchase bulk quantities from manufacturers and send to distributors or retailers

In distribution management, what is the main purpose of a retailer?

To sell products to consumers through various sales vendors

How does effective distribution management contribute to maintaining a competitive position in the market?

By ensuring manufacturer products reach their destinations in a timely manner and good condition

What is the main purpose of the direct distribution (DTC) strategy mentioned in the text?

To sell products directly from manufacturers to consumers

What role does technology play in distribution management, based on the information provided?

It assists in managing inventory levels efficiently

In the context of distribution management, what is the purpose of continuous improvement?

To evaluate and implement new strategies for optimal distribution

What distinguishes the selective strategy from the mass strategy in distribution management?

The selective strategy uses numerous channels and vendors to reach every market

How does inventory management contribute to efficient distribution?

By managing supply and demand to prevent overstocking or shortages

What is the first step in the process of distribution management as described in the text?

Forecast Demand

Learn about distribution management, which involves planning and transporting products from manufacturing locations to the final customers. This process includes transporting raw materials, finished products, and ensuring timely delivery in good condition.

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