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Which unit of the instructional material covers the topic of Inventory Management?

Unit III - Components of Marketing Channel

Who compiled the instructional material for Distribution Management?

Marife Agustin-Aciento, DBA

Which lesson covers the topic of Store Location?

Lesson 4 - Store Location

In which unit will you find lessons related to Marketing Channel Participants and Strategy in Marketing Channel?

Unit V - Marketing Channel

Which unit focuses on the concept of Channel Planning Coordinating and Managing Conflict?

Unit IV - Channel Management

What is the main topic of Lesson 15?

Channel Planning Coordinating

In which unit would you study the Background Development and Roles of Marketing Channels?

Unit II - Emergence of Marketing Channels

Which lesson is related to the Nature & Functions of Distribution Channels?

Lesson 9 - Nature & Functions of Distribution Channels

Where would you find lessons about Selecting Channel Members and Partners and Motivating Channel Members?

Unit VI - Designing Marketing Channels

'THE COUNTRY’S 1st POLYTECHNICU' is associated with which unit of the instructional material?

'THE COUNTRY’S 1st POLYTECHNICU' is associated with Unit I - Place/ Distribution.

What is the primary purpose of distribution management in marketing?

To ensure availability of the product at the right time and place

Which of the following is NOT a part of distribution management?

Pricing strategy

What is the relevance of inventory management in distribution?

To ensure timely availability of products

Which aspect is particularly important in international markets due to distance and transportation time?

Physical distribution

What does distribution channel under marketing services mainly focus on?

Distribution logistics

Which function is concerned with the movement of finished products from the production line to the consumer?


What is the primary role of just-in-time deliveries in distribution management?

To minimize inventory holding costs

What does distribution management involve in relation to supply and demand?

Forecasting demand and coordinating supply to meet it

What does distribution management aim to maintain in an operationally ready condition?

Both raw materials and finished products

What is the primary focus of distribution planning?

To plan for efficient product movement and availability

This instructional material covers topics in distribution management such as physical distribution, inventory management, and channels. Compiled by Marife Agustin-Acierto, DBA & Gilfred A. Acierto, PhD.

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